Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How to Make Friends While Traveling Abroad

When anyone travels abroad OR any place within their surroundings they tend to come across many different types of people, be it different religion, hence here you are exposed to their culture, experience and stories. Making friends abroad is very difficult because we come from another country.


Before going to a new place find out from your friends, relative and ex-colleague whether they know anybody living at that place. If at all they know then get in touch with them, meet up for a coffee or a drink and have a chat.

Making new friends  when you move is a bit like dating. You have to go out of your way try and form a connection with new people.

You have already something in common with other travellers. The fact that you’re travelling it is obvious the question asked by the opposite party iswhere have you been? Where are you from?

Introduce yourself to your neighbour see who has the similar lifestyle, kids of similar age, similar professional background.  Find out about the local habits from your neighbours.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Shahjahan R
(An unfinished article written about 8-9 years back.)
It is now thirteen years since I moved to Delhi as one among the ten million. A question which haunted me in the early 1991, still continues to haunt me - who am ‘I’ and why ‘I’ should be identified by my name.
Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu in secular circumstances, I was unaware about the religious discrimination that prevailed in the north. Since our childhood we, in Tamil Nadu, were never taught to identify people by their religion or caste or status. Hindus will line up before the Masjid in the evenings of the Ramzan month to receive the ‘nonbu kanji’ (a special gruel prepared for those who break fast). Masjid is located in front of a public ground where Hindu celebrations during Pongal used to take place. We were not even aware about the term ‘communal harmony’. There was no need for such a term.
The first incident happened when I had to vacate the rented accommodation within a month of occupation, because the house-owner came to know that ‘I’am a ‘Mohammaden’ (as he referred to ‘Muslim’). The second incident was similar to the earlier one. After showing a two-room-set at Faiz Road, Karol Bagh, the house owner - a Doctor by profession - offered snacks and tea and we had a friendly chat. That gentleman was impressed by this ‘young south Indian’ and was glad to rent his house to a person who has some morals and values. But, here again came my ‘I’dentity. After finalising everything, he came to know that I was a ‘Muslim’ and he politely apologised for his inability, since it was their family decision not to rent their house to Muslims. Here ‘I’ was identified as a ‘Muslim’.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Waiting ....!

Everything is waiting in the world
Day is waiting for the night to fall
Night is waiting for the day to raise
But time never waits
A few are waiting for chances to come
Many are waiting for their fortune to be delivered
I don't mind waiting to see people
I hate to keep people waiting for me

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Best Cuisine From Around the World

People love to travel across the world and taste different cuisine. There are few places where one can enjoy the authentic taste of the food of a particular place. If you are a foodie lover these delectable mouth-watering foods from various countries keep your taste buds tickled and help in spicing up your food life.

CHINESE CUISINE: It is a popular cuisine among foodie lovers .The Chinese staple food comprises of noodles, rice, sauces, vegetables and seasonings. Dim Sum and pecking duck are a few renowned delectable Chinese dishes that tickle your tastebuds. Some of the best tasting and least expensive food in china is sold at street stalls. The dumplings are a symbol of home and family. Thesavoury pancake is sold on Beijing’s streets ad is a perfect traditional breakfast to begin your day. Food safety is a very real concern in china. Chinese cuisine can be simple or it can be sophisticated but above all it relies on the freshest o localingredients combined to create a balance of flavours.


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